Pastor's Ponderings

  • Live as Jesus Lived

    A great portion of what is required in my post-grad studies is the reading of books … lots of books. It is so easy to feel so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the assigned reading. I can see the whole matter as a burden, something one would prefer to

  • Overdue

    I received a “first and final notice” from the public library. As it turns out, a book I borrowed was overdue and was “accumulating fines.” I have no excuse. I was not paying attention. The due date crept up on me. And I will have to pay the price. But

  • A Journey Into The Unnecessary

    More than two weeks ago, our dishwasher stopped working. And it happened at a most inopportune time. We seldom use the dishwasher. But we just had hosted a gathering of friends, and when they left there was a pile of dirty dishes to wash. We loaded the dishwasher, switched it